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At Base Vase, we believe in second chances. From vintage to modern, from thrifted to new, the taper candle holder market is overflowing with unique and beautiful options. Base Vase is the one and only bud vase that transforms those holders into floral arrangements. 

Made for Interior, Floral, and Event Design. Let your creativity bloom!

about the creator

Eric Brockob (he/him) is the founder and designer of Base Vase. He is a person of many passions including interior design, floral design, photography and photo retouching, which have flourished into a successful business for over fourteen years.


As a child, he received a disposable camera (nostalgia anyone?) for a school project. The majority of his developed photographs consisted of artfully arranged spring tulips. Around the same time, he was drafting elegant houses, sketching inventive furniture designs, and rearranging the floor plan of his family home. 


As an adult, he envisioned what it would be like to have his own brand in the interior design world. While glancing over at an empty taper candle holder a unique idea formed: what if there was a vase that fit into taper candle holders? With no knowledge of creating a product, the idea was shelved.


Fast forward to 2020. With increased time for creativity and the not-so-subtle reminder that life is short, Eric made the adventurous decision to start a new business during the pandemic. The taper candle holder vase became a reality and Base Vase was born!

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